Short film: Bengaluru is filled with young energy: Esha Deol

Esha Deol was in Bengaluru recently, and she was thrilled for two major reasons. First, she got to visit a city she loves once more, and second, she is ready with her comeback film. “I keep visiting Bengaluru often for various reasons. I look forward to visiting the city, because it is filled with young energy, which is a big advantage for the city,” she says.

Esha is back at work after pregnancy, and has resumed being in front of the camera.She is ready with a short film, titled Cakewalk. “I play Shilpa Sen in the film, who is someone most women will identify with. She is zesty, brave and has got guts. She is quite the cool, girl and I feel there are many Shilpa Sens out there,” adds Esha.

Quiz her what attracted her to this role and she replies, “It has a good message, and it is a film that the whole family can watch together. To put it in one line, women can multi-task; do give them a chance to prove that.”

Since this is Esha’s first short, she is also quite thrilled about this genre. “This is the first time I have done a film that is just 20 minutes long. It is perfect for today’s restless generation, who get distracted easily. The film is fast-paced, so it will keep them engaged just for the right duration,” the actress signs off.


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