On Facebook, newlywed farmer livestreams his suicide


A newlywed farmer from Tumakuru district committed suicide by hanging himself at his residence on Sunday night and livestreamed the incident on Facebook.
Mohan Gowda, 25, a resident of Halladahosahalli near Turuvekere in Tumakuru district, narrated on Facebook how he courted his wife for five years and married her despite opposition from her family members in June, and how his marriage was rocked by the machinations of his fatherin-law. “My mother’s curse will singe you both,” he told his wife and father-inlaw before taking the extreme step.
Police have detained Mohan’s 22-year-old wife and her father on charges of abetment. “Mohan and Roopa were in love and got married in a temple near Tumakuru in June. Since both families were against the marriage, citing their different castes, they tied the knot in the presence of a few friends,” family sources told police. The couple lived in Mohan’s house. His wife’s family called her in late July, saying her father was seriously ill. “Mohan sent his wife to her parents’ house but she never returned. Instead, she filed a police complaint saying Mohan had married her against her wishes,” police said.
Shattered by his wife’s complaint, Mohan on Sunday night posted his wedding pictures on Facebook before livestreaming the suicide.


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